About Us


The Owners

Owners Mike and Lila Bradley did the majority of the restoration of the building on their own, along with their sons, making this labor of love a family affair. Mike said he could not bear to see the building torn down after the Elks folded in 2015 and bought the building to restore it to its former glory, painting it aquamarine, remodeling the restaurant and turning the lounge into a sports bar.

The menu features a mix of classic pub fare such as steaks and burgers to less conventional items such as Shiitake Mushroom Balls stuffed with Pacific crab, cheese and bacon. Another eclectic menu item is their Coulotte Sandwich, a carnivore’s dream.

In the mood for something fresh? The Beach Club has a healthy salad menu including their popular Autumn Salad with red lettuce, spinach, hazelnuts, and topped with fresh pear and thick slices of extra sharp white cheddar cheese. Or, order the Crudité Coup D’état, which is a mixture of fresh vegetables and fruits with a side of blue cheese. Pair each with a glass of wine to cap off the workday.

The center can be rented for just about any type of event, Mike said, from weddings to dances and festivals. With a surprisingly roomy dance hall, the Event Center can hold up to 200 pairs of feet. “It has been a huge endeavor,” Mike said. “We are excited to have the building open to the public and plan on community events, fundraisers and bringing another venue for visitors.”